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Main Street, June 6 2013
"For one, our digital culture can make it impossible for employees to fully un-plug from the office, and therefore make them feel like they need to answer every request that shows up in their inbox 100% of the time," says Michael Crom, executive vice president at Dale Carnegie Training. Studies have shown vacation time gives employees needed time to recharge. "The ability to be away from work totally at times allows for greater engagement and greater productivity when they are working," he says​​
PayScale, June 7
According to the world-respected Dale Carnegie Institute, “Becoming adept at public speaking, as well as giving effective presentations, is something that has to be acquired through practice and doing.” Furthermore, the focus as a speaker is not on perfection, but rather on preparation.
Post Gazette, June 9
"It depends on the organization, and there are clearly different expectations in different parts of the country at different times of the year," said Mr. Crom, chief learning officer for Dale Carnegie & Associates, a training and coaching firm.
Inc, June 11
According to a study conducted by Dale Carnegie Training, disengaged workers outnumber engaged workers by a pretty significant margin. Only 45 percent of managers and supervisors and 23 percent of people at other levels qualify as "engaged," meaning they feel enthusiastic, empowered, inspired, and confident in their jobs.
The Guardian
I always encourage my clients and authors to stay positive and never criticize, condemn or complain on social media
Market Watch
Returning CEOs may not always be greeted with a red carpet. Board members might prefer an old face, "but it might upset others at the company who....
The spring and summer seasons have a naturally laid back atmosphere tied to them and can leave employees yearning to spend more time outside,” says Peter Handal, chief executive of Dale Carnegie Training. “Warmer temperatures are sometimes harder to fix with just air conditioning alone, so employees might opt for lighter clothing, even if it means revealing more skin or more casual dress overall.”​
Results: 38 Article(s) Found

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